Parent Coalition

Welcome to Great Start Parent Coalition!

Where families grow strong together.


What is a Parent Coalition?

The parent coalition is a group of parents or caregivers of children 0 - 12 that work together in an informal environment to help shape and support the early childhood of our children.  With the help of the community partners we are able to support and provide training to parents and caregivers.  The provided training helps parents and caregivers gain skills they may need to strengthening their families and help support families around them! The Parent Coalition is a small part of the village it takes to raise a child! 

Join the Parent Coalition!

If you would like to join  Great Start Parent Coalition it is simple! Just register on this page and attend our meetings! You will receive and email with information on upcoming meetings!

Meetings will be held the 3rd Tuesday of the month! 

The meeting of the location may change from month to month, as well as the time. Please ensure you register to get our emails!

Date                                     Topic

January 21st                   Five Protective Factors 

February 18th                 Indoor Family Fun

March 17th                              Family Nutrition

April 21st                          Early Literacy 

May 19th                          Stages and Ages